The Great Buffy vs Supernatural Challenge – Part Two

*Checks to see when I posted Part One of this series.*

Two weeks ago, huh? That’s not bad, I finished Season 2 much faster than Season 1. Let’s see what Twitter has to say about this.

*Opens TweetDeck*

That’s fine, I didn’t expect to get caught up to Shauna, but…


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Well I’m still proud of myself for watching this season much faster than the last one. And reason is not that I had more free time, but that Season 2 was much better, in my option, than Season 1.


This season really did start off with a bang – Dean almost dying and then WinDad sacrificing his own soul to to save his son. Wowzers, quite a shocker. I really expected WinDad to stick around for a while after the end of last season. Tons of props to the guy who played the Yellow Eyed Man – he did a great job of being smug and sinister all at the same time.

There were still a bunch of Monster of the Week episodes  this season, but there seemed to be more of the overarching story built into each episode, whether it be the WinBros dealing with their father’s death, the inclusion of the Harvelles or the introduction of more kids with psychic abilities, everything seemed much tighter knit to the main narrative.

Last time I complained about how I thought the WinBros needed more supporting characters to bounce off of, and I’m happy to see the writers did just that. I absolutely loved the inclusion of the Harvelles’ – especially Jo. The banter between her and Dean is wonderful, she’s a great foil for him, with the sarcastic attitude and snappy comebacks to match his. They’ve done a good job ratcheting the romantic tension between them, and then laying on even more drama with the revelation that WinDad was responsible for the death of Jo’s father. Plus she’s super badass:

Supernatual Jo Knife Twirl Gif

I loved the episode where they went after the Sludgy Ghost of HH Holmes and she proved to the WinBros that she just as much a Hunter as both of them.

The inclusion of Gordon as a recurring rival to the Winbros was also welcome. I’ve always liked the idea of an evil version of the main characters as a recurring villain in fiction, much as I enjoyed Faith as an adversary to Buffy (and am still mortified that Shauna didn’t like her ). I found Gordon very akin to Faith actually, as someone who was unafraid to go the extra mile Dean and Sam would not.

Gordon Supernatural Crazy Gif

Um, yeah?

More comedy added to the show also helped me enjoy this season more too. The Trickster and Hollywood Babylon had me laughing out loud. I mean look at this:

Supernatural Alien Slow Dance Gif

I had flashbacks of that classic X-Files episode “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space” watching that scene. Slow Dancing Alien was amazing, but the true highlight of the season was this:

THE RETURN OF MONSTER TRUCK!!!!! I was literally in tears when they flashed that ‘From the Producers of Monster Truck’ bit. The Missus looked at me like I was having some kind of mental breakdown. I couldn’t adequately explain to her the true majesty of Monster Truck.

So I guess I should talk about Sam and Dean a little bit too. I love how they’ve gone full nerd with Dean. Him making the SFF references in every episode and then having a total horror film geek out during the aforementioned Hollywood Babylon episode was great. He’s definitely been solidified as the Number One WinBro for me. Sam – I’m not really a huge fan so far. I understand he’s been through a whole lot of trauma with the death of his dad and the possibility that he might turn into a Tetsuo-esque telekinetic maniac, but it’s a little too much with his drama in every episode.

So in closing – more comedy good, tighter narrative also good, and Dean = Best WinBro.

Supernatural Dean Winchester Dancing Doctor Who Gif

You get down with your bad self Mean Dean.

4 Comments on The Great Buffy vs Supernatural Challenge – Part Two

  1. Shauna Granger
    March 5, 2014 at 8:14 pm (8 months ago)

    Poor Brian….

    Dude. Faith is HORRIBLE. And I’m not the only one who thinks so, so ha. I really think if you watched her seasons again, you’d get it. Yes, fine, she has some anti-Buffy qualities but she’s extra cheese on a cheese lover’s pizza. The come-and-go fake Bostonian accent (can someone please explain to me why Whedon keeps forcing these actors to use bad accents they can’t pull off? Angel’s “Irish” accent, anyone?), the gum smacking, the I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, I mean… she should just be wearing a black hat and be done with it.

    One thing I love about the writer’s of Supernatural is their sense of humor – they even make fun of themselves and the show. I really find that refreshing. You’re going to LOVE The French Mistake in Season 6. You know, if you ever get there. *cough*

    But I am glad you’re officially Team Dean. Lotsa people love Sam so much more, but I agree with the dramatics. Dean makes some mistakes (okay, there is an argument for “a lot” of mistakes) but I like him more as a character. And really, the voice and jaw, they sell it for me. You feel me, right? ;)

    Do yourself a favor and go watch this if you haven’t already:

  2. Brian O'Conor
    March 5, 2014 at 8:27 pm (8 months ago)

    You’re cray – Faith rules. I’m sure she (like many other things in Buffy) seem very dated now, but taken in context, I’d probably still think she’s great. Yeah she’s corny, but it was also 1996 or whatever when Buffy S3 first aired. Everything was corny in the ’90s. I guess would have to watch that season again, not that I have time for a Buffy rewatch in the near future…

    100% Team Dean – I just watched the one with kid who may or may not be his son – OMG that was hilarious. I’ve also come to discover there is a whole subset of SPN fandom devoted to Dean eating, which is…. interesting?

    Awesome video too. *fist pump*

  3. March 11, 2014 at 9:29 pm (8 months ago)

    Yes!! Who doesn’t love the Trickster?! I had to go back and see what episodes were in S2 so I don’t spoil anything. I felt the MOTW (monsters of the week) were a bit more chilling in this season. I LOVED every time the boys got tangled up in the law. I mean the end of the bank shapeshifter ep where Renegade starts playing gives me goose bumps every time! I liked trying to figure out the endgame for ol’ yellow eyes & the psychic kids along with the boys. Good, good moments in S2. And I liked the license plate was changed to an Ohio one since that’s where I’m from. ;) S3 is short (year of the writers strike) but it packs a punch!

    • Brian O'Conor
      March 12, 2014 at 7:31 pm (8 months ago)

      Thanks for the comment!

      Yeah the MotW episodes were better in this season, and weren’t just rehashing urban legends. THE MANDROID! I didn’t even notice the license plate, that’s awesome!

      I finished S3 on Sunday – I’ll have a blog coming up soon!


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