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Whoa… it’s been like a month since I last did a Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday , but I’m back with another snippet from my current work in progress, MILADY’S LINGERING SOUL! Also, everyone please check out this awesome weekly blog showcase for some brilliant SFF writers works!

From Chapter 3 – a little more banter between our ‘hero’ Ferris and his spectral companion, the Senator’s daughter Penelope, who are on their way up through The Shade to find a man Ferris is going to pawn her locket to. But first, our roguish protagonist wants to take a break for a bit of carousing and Penelope will have none of it:

“You’re very distracting and talking to you under my breath makes me look like a crazy person. Now please, I beg that you just give me a moment’s peace to enjoy my drink and a bit of conversation with the young lady over yonder.” He raised one of the mugs and winked at the brunette with her blouse half open and her ample bust spilling out as she leaned over their table. She gave him as smiled that looked like it contained a tooth or five too many in return.

“Okay, but just so we’re clear about something…” Penelope hovered around to his over side. “You were eating fruit out of the garbage earlier, but you have money to spend on ale and carousing with that… woman?”

“People throw away perfectly good food all the time, but nobody in The Shade ever throws out booze or women.” Ferris gave a look at another woman at one of the tables they passed and as she gave him a sultry grin, he thought he may have discovered where the other may have procured her extra teeth. “Well nobody throws booze out, anyway.”

That’s today’s snippet! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday contributors this week!

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Hello dearest readers! I’m back for another Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday ! Thanks so much for reading and commentating! Everyone please check out this awesome weekly blog showcase for some brilliant SFF writers works! Today’s snippet will be from my current work in progress, MILADY’S LINGERING SOUL.

This another passage is from Chapter 2. Sesily Marigold, the magister who we met last week, has been interviewing the Senator and his chief of staff. She is about to leave, until the Senator mentions a name from her past as the possible reason for his daughter’s disappearance:

As Sesily turned to exit the Senator’s chambers, he spoke up again. “What about Malik Temps? The man from The Shade who killed those girls?” His voice was so raw and garbled with she could barely make out what he was saying, but there was no mistaking the the name he spoke.

Malik Temps, a vagabond from The Shade, had somehow been able to breach the upper Halos either without a Solar Pass or had acquired one by some nefarious means. He murdered eleven young women before he was apprehended by the Absolvers.  His crimes grew more and more brazen with each successive girl, the first few were found in the industrial district of Halo Nine, but the last one was killed right in center of the Senate’s Grand Courtyard right in plain sight. He later told them that he was releasing their spirits, their souls, that he had saved them from a fate far worse than death. They found personal affects from each girl on him, rings, necklaces, some small possession of theirs.

That’s today’s snippet! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday contributors this week!

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If you have been following my Twitter (and why wouldn’t you be?) then you know that last weekend I attended my first ever writer’s conference – the venerable Writer’s Digest Conference East (WDCE) in New York City. This was a pretty big step for me and I think for a whole bunch of other authors in attendance. It was the first time I would be pitching my novel OF FATES CONVERGED to actual agents, the prospect of which was incredibly exciting and pretty nerve wracking too.

So without further adieu – here are some of the highlights of the weekend:

Bookish Babblings – Blackbirds


So, I’ve been slogging through FALL OF HYPERION for the past couple of months. It’s been a severe disappointment compared to the first novel, which I thought was a truly stunning and original work of fiction. I mean really, whose brilliant idea was it to turn the great set up from HYPERION into the Severn and Gladstone Show featuring the Hyperion Six? Dreadful.

Anywho… I desperately needed to take a break from the doldrums of this novel. I’ve had Mr. Wendig ’s BLACKBIRDS sitting on my shelf for a while now and I am going to be seeing him speak at Writer’s Digest East Conference (so hyped) in April, so this seemed like the perfect time to delve in. Plus, BLACKBIRDS looked to be the exact opposite of what I was currently reading and the desired respite from highfaluting space opera I was searching for.

Though I mostly read SFF, I can get into pretty much anything that has engaging characters and an appealing premise, even nonfiction (recently finished the Steve Jobs biography, and I’ll be damned if he wasn’t an engaging character). I admit too, I’ve not read too many “urban fantasy” novels, but I guess I was hoping to get something like GIRL WITH DRAGON TATTOO – badass female main character in a grim and gritty world of crime and mystery, which is pretty much what I got.

So, as per usual in these bookish bloggies, I present random thoughts. Caution, there may be spoilers lurking amongst these words:

  • The Miriam Black character, in all of her filthy, white-trashy splendor, hooked me at once. She swear, she snarks, but behind all of her cocksure bravado, Miss Black shields a terrible secret. She can see how people die, and does so in extremely gruesome detail. She’s not really a likable person, no I wouldn’t call her that, but she has this sort of vile charm that I found quite irresistible.
  • Mr. Wendig’s wickedly clever prose does a marvelous job of bringing Miriam’ grimy, blood soaked and roach infested world to life while not bogging the reader down with unnecessarily lengthy descriptions. He really makes you feel like your right there, siting in some dingy motel or some seedy hole in the wall with Miriam and her pals all the way.
  • And speaking of not bogging down – the novel moves at a breakneck speed, never really slowing down for much time at all. There are some small respites from the action, but the tension never dissipates, even in the quietest moments. I think it took me about three hours total to read through it.
  • I very much enjoyed the interludes where Miriam reveals her past to Paul. The revelation about the red balloon was especially excellent, heartbreaking stuff. These interludes gave just enough of a break in the action, but like I said before, never siphoned away any of tension from the main narrative.
  • As I’ve mentioned in previous posts , I am a sucker for exceptional villains, and think they are often the most important characters in a story. Mr. Wendig surely did not fail me in this department. His villains are as engaging as they are frightening – especially Harriet, the sadistic, beady eyed Hobbit with a torture fetish. Easily, my favorite part of the novel was “Harriet’s Story”. OMFG, so great.
  • The only thing in story that didn’t really click with me was the Miriam / Louis relationship. I felt to me like she was more interested in saving him just to give a big FU to the fates, to prove that she could control her power, rather than because she actually cared about him. I see where their relationship blossomed over the course of the novel, as Louis was the only person who really cared about her and was such a decent guy compared to the sleazy Ashley, but for whatever reason, the romantic connection between them never gelled for me.
  • That said, I did enjoy the ending of the novel, Miriam’s story arch came to a nice crescendo and even thought I know there is a sequel (which I will be picking up shortly) I would have been wholly satisfied with the conclusion Mr. Wendig presented.

So, all in all, I throughly enjoyed BLACKBIRDS, it was a refreshing change of pace from the voluminous scifi and fantasy stories I’ve reading (and writing, lol) recently and Mr. Wending’s electrifying prose and dynamic characters kept me intrigued throughout the novel. What say you, my dear readers?