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The Great Buffy vs Supernatural Challenge – Part Three – Five, I Guess?

Well folks, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. There was a little (re: massive) boo-boo on my behalf where I lost like a months worth of edits to FATES, so my blogging and TV watching was put on hiatus while I tried to redo what I lost. But that’s a blog for another day.

As Shauna embarks on the final season of Buffy, we’ll be doing a recap of Seasons 3-5 of Supernatural, which to me was one gigantic story arc spread out over three years. I’ve read Season 5 was actually supposed to be the end of the show, and if so, I think they would have ended on a perfect note.

And I would have won this stupid bet too.



This time around we’re going to do at little tour of my highlights of these seasons. And don’t worry my friends, there will be many many gifs along the way. Oh so many gifs.


The Great Buffy vs Supernatural Challenge – Part Two

*Checks to see when I posted Part One of this series.*

Two weeks ago, huh? That’s not bad, I finished Season 2 much faster than Season 1. Let’s see what Twitter has to say about this.

*Opens TweetDeck*

That’s fine, I didn’t expect to get caught up to Shauna, but…


Dean Winchester Laptop Close Gif

Well I’m still proud of myself for watching this season much faster than the last one. And reason is not that I had more free time, but that Season 2 was much better, in my option, than Season 1.



The Great Buffy vs Supernatural Challenge – Part One

In case you didn’t know my good friend Shauna Granger and I are currently embroiled in a two person TV Watching Hunger Games – an epic battle of genre show supremacy to see if I can finish the entirely of Suprnatural before she finishes Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Whoever wins gets to pick whether our Magetech troupe plays the Buffy or Supernatural RPG later on this year.

High stakes here folks!

I just finished the first season of Supernatural yesterday and I feeling very proud of myself. So  decided to tweet about it, like I do all of my great great accomplishments. I was feeling a lot like this:

Dean Winchester Excited

But then Shauna unloaded this haymaker on me in response:

And all at once I was like this:

Dean Winchester Laptop Close

Okay, so she’s Katniss and I’m one of the nameless kids that gets killed in the Cornucopia on the first day. Whatevs. I’m cool with that. I’m a leisurely guy and I like to do stuff at a leisurely pace. Yeah, leisurely, that’s the ticket!


Soooooo, about that Supernatural Season One….

Spoiler warning too, I guess…