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Not Just Fantasy Novels, But Comic Reviews Too


In case you haven’t seen me post about this on Twitter, I’ve been writing a series of comic reviews for my dear friend Emmie Mears ‘ on her awesome brainbeast . Each and every week I review the books that came out featuring some of the greatest female characters and creators in the industry.

This week I write about the latest adventure of WONDER WOMAN as she battles against her evil sibling the First Born, HARLEY QUINN’s own special brand of domestic terrorism and I write way too many paragraphs in praise of the new MS MARVEL and her creators. So if you guys like what you’ve seen here, please drop on by and give it a read (and give Emmie some much deserves traffic to boot!)

WW Oh No

Yesterday another rumor was leaked by Batman On Film that the folks at WB/DC would be completely overhauling Wonder Woman’s origin for the Man of Steel sequel. Essentially, the rumor states that Diana will get a whole new origin where she’s no longer an Amazon, but a part of a breakoff group of Kryptonians who landed on Earth ages ago and whose powers waned over time. Seriously.

Now rumors have been flying fast and furious about this film for months and a good deal of them have been pretty farfetched, so this one should be taken with only the smallest granduil of salt. As awesome as Denzel Washington playing John Stewart sounds, I just can’t see it happening. Then again, Ben Affleck playing Frank Miller’s Dark Knight was something I would have never fathomed in a thousand lifetimes and that happening – so yeah.

Even if this rumor does end up being totally false, it’s still an interesting topic of discussion why WB/DC might stick to Orphaned Spaceman and Orphaned Billionaire origins for the other two members of their Trinity, but ditch a more fantastical and mythology based origin for Wonder Woman.

In all honestly, it’s kind of clever idea and would make sense with the established MoS universe, but it’s also a completely unnecessary one. Essentially what WB/DC would be doing is changing Wonder Woman from the fierce battle-tested Amazon warrior-princess into Worse Faora. And that’s pretty much what she would be – a depowered version of Faora, who while certainly a capable fighter in MoS, was still only able to go toe to toe with Supes when she had Giant CGI Man as backup. Is it really prudent for one of The Trinity to essentially be a watered down version of Zod’s chief henchwoman?


Hell naw.