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As an avid listener of the iFanboy Pick of the Week podcast , I’ve heard the boys extolling the virtues of SAGA for the last few months. I’ve been a fan of Brian K. Vaughan’s work for a long time now, I contend that his RUNAWAYS run has got be one of best mainstream comic of all time. So I picked up the first volume of SAGA last week, with much anticipation and my thoughts are this:

  • I liked the Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars vibe of the story as a whole. The two main characters, Alana and Marko were likable and engaging from the start. I could really feel the loved they had each other and could emphasize with their struggles.
  • I have to admit I was taken aback a little bit by the dialogue at first. Not to say it was bad, I guess thought the characters sounded a little too ‘hip’ or something for a space opera type story. I got used to it after a while.
  • The Will is an interesting character. The whole ‘badass mercenary with his own moral code’ has been done a million times (including my own novel, OF FATES CONVERGED), but it was done very well here and I loved his reaction when he’s presented with the vile underbelly of Sextillion.
  • There are some really great one page WTF moments in this book, like the reveal of the giant head girls on the aforementioned Sextillion, the spidery Stalk or Prince Robot just chilling out on the john.
  • Probably my favorite character is Izabel, floaty, disembowledy pink ghost monkey girl who acts babysitter for Marko and Alana during the night. I can’t really pinpoint exactly what I like so much about her, but I love her design and snarky attitude.
  • And last, but certainly not least, I have to mention the artwork of Fiona Staples. She did a really superb job of rendering all of the action – from the dramatic fight scenes to the intimate character moments. She handled to the character’s “acting” magnificently, they were all very expressive and emotive, even the faceless Robots.

All in all, a pretty great read, the plot moved a long a brisk pace, the action was consistently exciting and the cliffhanger made me eager to read more. I’ve got the first Y: THE LAST MAN trade on deck too. The Vaughan train rolls on! Your thoughts, my dear readers on SAGA or the great BKV in general?

Bookish Babblings – A Storm of Swords

Alrighty folks, this is my first attempt a book review / ramble (more ramble than review, likely). Thoughts, comments or hateful taunting about the format and content would be greatly appreciated.

About two months ago a groups of friends and I went sitting around at a little hole in the wall after a wedding in Brooklyn. After about two and a half Stella Atrois’, we got engaged in a rather vigorous discussion about whether or not I should just watch the Game of Thrones TV series or read ahead on the books. My argument was that the events of the TV thus far had been so shocking, I didn’t want them spoiled beforehand. One of my friends, who had read all five books, argued rather adamantly otherwise. He said that the books were so good, it was an injustice to wait.

After much struggle and debate, I relented.

He was right.