OF FATES CONVERGED – Adult Epic Fantasy

Status – Complete and Querying

Orphaned by a military catastrophe, Alexia Anarita seeks to escape the pain of her father’s death in the pages of ancient myth and fable. Cast now in one of these grand dramas herself, Alexia finds a kindred spirit and the kindling of romantic flame in the daughter of the man who sent her father to die. The Emperor is fiercely protective of his daughter, however, and this dalliance sends him spiraling into uncontrolled rage. With the Emperor’s fury hanging above her like the headsman’s blade, Alexia flees her old familiar life and into an uncertain future.

With her in exile is Kenji Murakami, a man whose calm demeanor belies a simmering desire for vengeance against those who stripped his homeland bare and enslaved his people. He and Alexia share a common bond – his family perished in the same disaster that robbed Alexia of her father. In his custody are two young people with incredible talents born from the unspeakable experiments that fuel the Empire’s engines of war. He has smuggled them from the Empire and as atonement for the death of his own children, Kenji endeavors to see them forever freed from the Emperor’s clutches.

But there is no safety for Alexia and Kenji, even in exile. The Emperor has beset upon them a band of mercenaries, merciless and infused with malevolent technologies, who have cut a blood-drenched swath across the land in search of their prey. Fueled by an unbounded well of arrogance and animosity, the Emperor will stop at nothing until his wrath against Alexia is satiated and what Kenji has taken from him returned.

THE LUMINOSITY OF BLACK – Adult Urban Fantasy / Solarpunk

Status – First Draft Complete – 85,222 of 90,000 words

Ferris Foust, a unrepentant rogue and all around scoundrel, has the ability to draw lingering spirits from the mementos, or talismans, of the dead. A denizen of Umbral Depths, the dark and grimy underbelly of the city of Radiant Heights, Ferris scrapes and claws for any means to stay alive. In a lawless place shroud in eternal darkness, Ferris has found that pawning such talismans is a lucrative means to this end.

That is until he comes into possession of the talisman of a prominent Senator’s daughter, an item too dangerous for even the Depths’s most  merchants. Penelope Pistro, the Senator’s prim, proper, and now phantasmal daughter is not pleased to find her among the unliving and even less pleased to be in Ferris’s custody – and she intends on letting him know as much.

Will it be the enemies closing in on all sides – the authorities unleashed the Senator to find his daughter’s killer and a secretive cult from deep within the Depths who seek her talisman for malevolent purposes – or Penelope’s incessant badgering that does Ferris Foust in for good?

OVERDARK – YA Supervillain Fantasy

Status – In Development.

Surviving high school is hard enough, but when the student body is filled with supervillains, it’s almost impossible. Sixteen year old Aurora Overdark is a student at The Overdark Academy for Global Ambition, named after her parents, the legendary criminal masterminds Demetrio and Miahau Overdark.

Aurora life’s already complicated life – trying to live up to her parent’s overwhelming legacy while keeping herself out of her classmate’s nefarious schemes – is about to become even more complex after unexpected encounter with the son of the city’s greatest superhero and her family’s archenemy.


Status – In Development

The sequel to OF FATES CONVERGED and the second volume of the Splintered Aerthe Chronicles. Join Alexia, Kenji and their companions as they incredible journey continues!

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